Simon creek


I'm an amatuer game designer and also a game tools programmer. I've been making game development tools.

I'm also a rust programmer and enthusiast. I have some experience in Unity C#, android kotlin(Java) and Lua. I don't have any bias against programming languages, every learning process is a challenging yet entertaining experience.

# Projects


Gdengine is an game design document creation engine. Gdengine can yield various formats such as pptx, docx or pdf from single input gddt file.

However power of gdengine is not limited to multi-platform but most importantaly both ergonomic version control and agile form of game design.


Gcalc is a game probability calculator. Gcalc is not a simulator, but for calculating the effect of probability. Gcalc aims to help enabling subtle probability changes that is simply not intuitive to understand the aftereffect.


R4d(rad) is a text oriented macro processor. R4d was created as an alternative to m4 macro processor. There are no m4 quotes neither no ambiguous macro calls. R4d can be used as a library and highly configurable.

# Reverse designs

I've made several reverse design documents of games. Many documents were made with gdengine(or its predecessor gdmarp) and some were also made with microsoft powerpoint.